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Techno-Commercial Proposal

Commercial proposal
Total cost of proposal and, separately, cost of each service is specified in the commercial proposal. Discounts and ways of their reception are specified.
Method and manner of payment, equipment and materials supply terms, place of delivery are also specified.
Individual appendix to the specification is the equipment and materials specification. In case of tender offer, bookkeeping balance sheets, statements of income and expenditures, tax administration inquiries on debts absence are also appendices.

Draft proposal
Draft proposal includes the following sections: Project description and basic data issued by the customer, accepted engineering solutions, their description and advantages, composition and structure of the heating system used in the project, system parameters and its power characteristics, supply content.
Control and monitoring of heating system operation schemes descriptions are also specified. Production transportation and storage requirements, service life and warranty are specified. Upon customer’s request, the proposal may include description of services for designing, mounting, supervising installation, commissioning and service maintenance of electrical heating systems.
Compulsory appendix to the draft proposal is a thermotechnical calculation with detailed indication of engineering parameters for each line.

Works schedules can be enclosed in case of erection works performance. In case of tender offer drawing up, items on safety measures and environmental protection are added; reference-sheet, comments, licenses and certificates, delivery schedules, and data on the personnel and its qualification are added as appendices.
Appendices (Thermotechnical calculation, specification, etc.)
Main appendices to the engineering-commercial proposals are thermotechnical calculation and specification.
Thermotechnical calculation is performed with help of program products, produced by SST company.
For pipelines, heating the thermotechnical calculation is the following:

Description of the pipeline;
Diameter, mm;
Length, m;
Thermal insulation thickness, mm;
Temperature parameters, °Ñ: required, ambient environment min., max. effect;
Design heat losses, W/m;
Type of heat tape;
Power of heat tape, W/m;
Number of threads;
Tape consumption per one meter of the pipeline, m/m; power;
Tape consumption per unit, heated m, W/m: valve, flange, support;
Tape maximum length, m;
Starting current, A/m;
Number of heating tapes;
Maximum temperature, °Ñ;
Total tape length, m.

For tank heating the issued thermotechnical calculation is follows:

Tank designation;
Diameter (m);
Height (length) (m);
Thermo insulation thickness (mm);
Temperature parameters °Ñ: req., max. allowed
Thermoplastic insulation ratio;
Armature: valve, flange, support;
Calculated heat losses (kW);
Heat tape grade;
Tape power (W/m);
Number of heating sections (pcs);
Section maximum length (m);
Tape total length (m);
Heating power (kW).

Specification of equipment and materials is based on thermotechnical calculation and process flow chart of the heated object. Specification can be price and technical. Specification includes the following sections: Warming elements, Accessories, Fastening elements, Control subsystem.
Specification looks as follows:

Quant. UM Designation Description Price, rub. Cost, rub.

The preheated vessels on Harampurskoe field

The SST company has completed the heating cable delivery for vessels

The pipeline system Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean is being expanded

Some more stations of the ES-PO project received the SST products

International exhibition” Oil and gas of Turkmenistan” Ashgabad.

"Special systems and technologies", LLC together with the Turkmen colleagues took part in the exhibition.
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